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Goals for June 2016


successGirl“You will face your greatest opposition when you are closest to your biggest miracle.”  – Shannon L. Alder

A new month, a new beginning!  Big or small, it doesn’t matter what the goal is as long as we keep moving in the right direction. What are some of your plans and objectives for this month? Statistics show that writing down goals increases the odds of achieving them! So join us in goal-setting for the month and post yours in the comment area. 

Author: Sara Light

Sara Light has been writing professionally in Nashville since 1996. Her credits include the John Michael Montgomery title track and the hit single "Home To You" which received an ASCAP airplay award in addition to being named SESAC song of the year for having garnered 2 million spins on radio. She also composed songs for the musical "Urban Cowboy, The Musical" which opened on Broadway in March 2003 and was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Original Score." Sara has always combined her love of teaching with her love of songwriting and has given countless songwriting seminars throughout the U.S. and Canada. In 2001 she co-founded, along with her husband Danny Arena, the online educational website Besides being one of the main administrators (and now bloggers) Sara teaches Song Feedback and Lyric Writing at

8 thoughts on “Goals for June 2016

  1. Last month I posted that I’d contact some more demo studios for connections with our members which I did! I’m in contact with several right now. If you have a demo studio you love, let me know and I’ll be happy to contact them also. This month, one of my smaller goals is to add those studios to our one-click demo connection (found in the Song Locker area). Also I want to work on updating one of my “live” courses (thinking “Writing From the Heart”) for best use on the new improved site.

  2. This month of June, I’m going to professionally record 3 songs from my EP which is coming out late July, and will do the videos for the songs as well.

  3. Wow! Good luck with your project Joelle!

  4. My Goals for June are: 1. Attend a Feedback Class to get critique on “Mercy Comes”–my song for the Year of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis
    2. Work on (hopefully complete) two songs–“The Lion qnd the Lamb” and “Mama Said Welcome”
    3. Pay more attention to my “Band” Facebook Page, after attending the CDBaby webinar “A Band Without A Brand Is Bland”

  5. My goals for the rest of June are:

    1. Learn my way around the new website. (Is there still a forum section?)
    2. Keep in contact with co-writers
    3. Practice piano./.guitar daily
    4. Write with co-writers
    5. Write on my own
    6. Keep in contact with Resolution Buddy

    • Great goals, Jamie! This blog, as well as social media is the alternate to the forum section. We’ll continue to post pertinent information and resources for songwriters. Thanks for participating in the June goals!

  6. My goals for June:
    1. Schedule regular co-writing sessions to keep songwriting momentum going.
    2. Keep in contact with Resolution Buddy.
    3. Explore the new Songu website. Still getting used to the changes.
    4. Work on recording for co-write with Joel.
    5. Finish reading Shelly Peiken’s book.

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