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GOLD STARS Report: Songs Recently Picked Up (latest update)

On our SongU virtual campus, success is achieved through our focus on education and making each song the strongest it can be BEFORE spending money on a demo. We offer numerous opportunities for songwriters to reach their goals, from one-on-one coaching to live feedback sessions, to peer and mentor co-writes.

CONGRATULATIONS to the following members for having their songs signed or pitched for the following SongU leads during the time period September 23rd – October 27th, 2020.

Pitch For Publisher. Christian. VARIOUS CHRISTIAN & POSITIVE COUNTRY ARTISTS. Extended! (“I’m finding some great songs from these SongU writers! Keep them coming.” – D.G.) Street Pitch guest, D.G., veteran music publisher, who has already generated income for SongU members, is looking for songs to pitch to Christian labels Daywind Records /Mountain Fever Records / Red Hen Records – 65/40 Records. Submit the following: Southern Gospel / Bluegrass and Positive Country songs, male …

    • Jim Karns “THE DAY I MET THE DEVIL 2” (Date picked up: 10/9/2020)
    • Steve Koch “THE FINAL WORD” (Date picked up: 10/9/2020)
    • Steve Koch “GOOD GOOD NEWS” (Date picked up: 10/9/2020)
    • Steve Koch “LET IT RUN” (Date picked up: 10/9/2020)
    • Steve Koch “REFRESH ME LORD” (Date picked up: 10/9/2020)
    • Steve Koch “CHILD OF A PROMISE” (Date picked up: 10/9/2020)
    • Steve Koch “THAT’S YOUR SONG” (Date picked up: 10/9/2020)
    • Steve Matthews “TAKE A LOOK AGAIN” (Date picked up: 10/9/2020)
    • Karen Mitchell “MY GOD DOES” (Date picked up: 10/9/2020)
    • Karen Mitchell “WHEN GRANDPA PRAYED (NEW MIX AND MASTER)” (Date picked up: 10/9/2020)
    • Ava Paige “LOVE ON JESUS” (Date picked up: 10/9/2020)

Pitch For Other. Country. This is an opportunity from our friends at Liva Music Switzerland to get airplay on international radio stations. Liva is connected to over 450 Country stations in Europe, 80 Country stations in Australia, and also about 200 stations in the USA. They have very specific song submission guidelines, so read ENTIRE description before submitting…

    • Brenda Kornblum “I FISH” (Date picked up: 10/20/2020)
    • Stephen adrian Lawrance “COLD COMFORT” (Date picked up: 10/24/2020)
    • Jeff Roe “BOTTOM OF IT- JEFF ROE” (Date picked up: 10/20/2020)

Pitch For Publisher. Contemporary Country, Pop, Traditional Country. BRETT KISSEL. Extended! Still current and actively looking.Street Pitch guest, D.G., veteran music publisher, who has already generated income for SongU members, is looking for songs for Warner Music Canada artist Brett Kissel. Brett’s last single, “Drink About Me”, went to No. 1 in Canada and currently has over 25 million streams (over 17 million streams in the USA alone). Here’s a link to the video:
Currently …

    • Dwayne Fisel “I COULD GET USED TO THIS” (Date picked up: 10/1/2020)
    • Alexsi Mallory “FREEZE SUMMER DEMO” (Date picked up: 10/19/2020)
    • Frank Stopak “LOVE YOU LIKE I SHOULDNT” (Date picked up: 10/1/2020)
    • Mitch Townley “STOMP ON “ (Date picked up: 10/19/2020)

Pitch For Publisher. Rock, Southern Rock. HOLLYWOOD YATES. Street Pitch guest and publisher, Bob D., who has already generated income for members is looking for songs for several indie acts from Nashville for a better chance of getting a cut while many of the majors are on hiatus. This Rodeo Clown and bull rider needs ANTHEM-LIKE songs to fire up the crowd ala “We Will Rock You.” For more about this artist go to . Pitch follow-up info: …

    • John Cirillo “COYOTE MOON” (Date picked up: 9/25/2020)

Pitch For Publisher. .Acoustic Country / Modern Bluegrass. WESTWEND. Street Pitch guest and publisher, Bob D., who has already generated income for members is looking for songs for several indie acts from Nashville for a better chance of getting a cut while many of the majors are on hiatus. SUBMIT: male/female duets ala Alison Krauss & Wade Bowen. For more about this artist go to Pitch follow-up info: If this guest …

    • John Cirillo “EVERGREEN” (Date picked up: 10/19/2020)
    • John Condrone “SINCE I FOUND YOU (COUNTRY/BLUEGRASS)” (Date picked up: 10/19/2020)
    • Rita Weyls “SHADOW IN THE DAWN. FINAL” (Date picked up: 10/19/2020)
    • Brad Yunek “US” (Date picked up: 10/19/2020)

Pitch For Publisher. Contemporary Country. TRACK 45. Extended! Street Pitch guest, D.G., veteran music publisher, who has already generated income for SongU members, is looking for incredible songs for BBR Music Group/Universal Records artist Track 45. This is a sibling trio (Ben, Jenna and KK) from Mississippi. Three voices with an amazing blend, ‘blood harmony’ as we call it in the south. All are great vocalists, instrumentalists and songwriters so pitch your very best songs, the bar is …

    • Hollie Brogunier “CROSSROADS” (Date picked up: 10/27/2020)
    • Ava Paige “THE TRUTH ABOUT LOVE” (Date picked up: 10/27/2020)
    • Mitch Townley “GIRL IN A SUMMER SONG” (Date picked up: 10/27/2020)

Pitch For Publisher. Country. DAILEY & VINCENT. Street Pitch guest and publisher, Bob D., who has already generated income for members is looking for songs for BMG Rights Imprint Label artist Dailey & Vincent. These Bluegrass stars are doing a Country album. SUBMIT radio-friendly hits. Harmony with great lyrics and melody. Pitch follow-up info: If this guest expresses interest in your song, before pitching it, they will ask for publishing if a major recording results …

    • Ricki Bellos “ANOTHER PERFECT DAY” (Date picked up: 10/19/2020)
    • Ricki Bellos “BLUE SKY RAIN” (Date picked up: 10/19/2020)
    • Jonny Born “WHISKEY KIND OF LOVE – DEMO” (Date picked up: 10/13/2020)
    • John Cirillo “A BAR IN HEAVEN” (Date picked up: 10/13/2020)
    • John Cirillo “HEY GOODBYE” (Date picked up: 9/25/2020)
    • Michael Taylor “GLORY HALLELUJAH SKY_FV” (Date picked up: 9/25/2020)

Pitch For Publisher. Country. MaRYNN TAYLOR. Street Pitch guest and publisher, Bob D., who has already generated income for members is looking for songs for Black River Entertainment artist, MaRynn Taylor. Submit Classic 90’s Country songs along the lines of young Dixie Chicks meets young Trish Yearwood. Keep it organic. Pitch follow-up info: If this guest expresses interest in your song, before pitching it, they will ask for publishing if a major recording …

    • John Cirillo “ROMEOS AND JULIETS” (Date picked up: 9/23/2020)
    • John Cirillo “LOST AMEN- FEMALE” (Date picked up: 9/23/2020)
    • Loralei Ells “JUST CUZ” (Date picked up: 10/19/2020)
    • Marc Kuchner “START NOW “ (Date picked up: 9/25/2020)
    • Rita Weyls “GOOD BEHAVIOR. DEMO” (Date picked up: 9/23/2020)

Pitch For Licensing Agent. Americana, Contemporary Country, Country. Extended! Pitch guest, N.P., is seeking songs for sync licensing to promote the new season of several cable network shows. Submit the following: Family, friendly songs. Upbeat – songs that build excitement and make you want to tune it to the new season. Good catchy choruses. Positive themes like: getting together, something new, look at me, something that, celebration, we’re back! Male or female vocals. Please include lyrics in your Locker so they …

    • Robbi Atkins “HELLO AGAIN SUNSHINE” (Date picked up: 10/21/2020)
    • John Cirillo “COMEBACK KIDS” (Date picked up: 10/21/2020)

Pitch For Licensing Agent. .Top 40 Female Pop, Soul, Chillout-House, Oriental Music AMURCO MUSIC LICENSING. This is an UK-based licensing company with a catalogue of 70,000+ tracks, offering playlisting and syncing opportunities. They are currently interested in receiving submissions for the following types of music: Current Top 40 Pop (Female), Soul, Chillout/Chill House, and Oriental. Here is a note to us from Joel at Amurco: “Our our deals are completely non-exclusive …

    • Robbi Atkins “GAME OVER CURTAIN CLOSED GOODBYE” (Date picked up: 10/7/2020)
    • Robbi Atkins “HUMAN HEART (POP VERSION/FEMALE)” (Date picked up: 10/7/2020)
    • Robbi Atkins “SOCIAL MEDIA BEAUTY QUEENS “ (Date picked up: 10/7/2020)
    • Jim Best “I AM A WOMAN” (Date picked up: 10/7/2020)
    • Jim Best “THE GIFT OF LOVE 95 G RNB” (Date picked up: 10/7/2020)
    • Jim Best “WHAT IS LOVE? NW” (Date picked up: 10/7/2020)
    • John Cirillo “A MILLION COLORS” (Date picked up: 10/7/2020)
    • John Cirillo “WORDS” (Date picked up: 10/7/2020)
    • John Cirillo “I AM A FORCE” (Date picked up: 10/7/2020)
    • Priscilla Connolly ” FREEDOM” (Date picked up: 10/7/2020)
    • Priscilla Connolly “SCAR TISSUE” (Date picked up: 10/7/2020)
    • Priscilla Connolly “YOU’VE ALWAYS BEEN THE ONE” (Date picked up: 10/7/2020)
    • Eugenia Johnson “BRITANY’S LULLABY” (Date picked up: 10/7/2020)
    • Elizabeth Milcarek “CONQUER TONIGHT – FINAL MIX” (Date picked up: 10/7/2020)
    • Mark Newman “BATTLE SCARS MASTER” (Date picked up: 10/7/2020)
    • Mark Newman “ALL COLOURS OF CRAZY- MASTER” (Date picked up: 10/7/2020)
    • Mark Newman “LOVE ON ME – MASTER” (Date picked up: 10/7/2020)
    • Robert Quigley “I CAN BE THE ONE” (Date picked up: 10/7/2020)
    • Ken Wank “YOU STARTED SOMETHING INSIDE ME” (Date picked up: 10/7/2020)
    • Ken Wank “AIN’T GONNA WAIT FOR YOU FOREVER” (Date picked up: 10/7/2020)
    • Ken Wank “MYSTERIOUS” (Date picked up: 10/7/2020)

Pitch For Publisher. Country. TRACE ADKINS. Street Pitch guest, D.G., veteran music publisher, who has already generated income for SongU members, is looking for incredible songs for Verge Records artist Trace Adkins. Trace is currently recording a 25-song album to celebrate his 25th anniversary in country music. There are numerous collaborations with other multi-genre artists already underway. Looking for songs, any tempo. Think about songs you would expect to hear from Trace, …

    • Jonny Born “WHISKEY KIND OF LOVE – DEMO” (Date picked up: 10/27/2020)
    • Billy Janes “HAUNT ME” (Date picked up: 10/14/2020)
    • Brad Yunek “THE COLORS AND THE CROSS” (Date picked up: 10/27/2020)

Pitch For Publisher. Contemporary Country. LEXIE HAYDEN. Street Pitch guest, D.G., veteran music publisher, who has already generated income for SongU members, is looking for incredible songs for Step Side Records artist Lexie Hayden. Looking for songs, any tempo with an organic / vibey feel that fans can connect with. Think inside and outside of the box, even to songs that don’t necessarily cater to current country trends. Think Kacey Musgraves meets Kelsie Ballerini. Check out one of Lexie’s …

    • John Cirillo “OH MY HEART” (Date picked up: 10/20/2020)
    • John Cirillo “MAKING IT UP AS WE GO” (Date picked up: 10/20/2020)
    • John Cirillo “HEART RUNS DRY” (Date picked up: 10/20/2020)
    • Dan Mayo “ONE TRICK PONY” (Date picked up: 10/20/2020)

And a round of congrats to those marked ‘Maybe’ too. Keep up the great work, everyone!

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Meet the SongU Special Event Pitch Guests

Join us for the latest “Staff Writer For A Day!” Special Event Pitch which is running during the months of October and November 2020. This is an exclusive opportunity to be selected by Emily Dryburgh, Creative Director of Deluge Music, for a chance to find out what it’s like to be a professional staff songwriter for a day. This includes a meeting with Emily and a CO-WRITING SESSION with hit songwriter, Danny Myrick! Additionally, Emily will be listening for potential signings for single song contracts. She says she’s excited to hear new writers and new material.

Deluge Music is a Los Angeles and Nashville-based Publishing, Management and Record company.  Opening its doors in 2015, Deluge has become home to hit and developing songwriters with cuts by artists including Rod Stewart, Tim McGraw, Little Big Town, Jason Aldean, Reba, Walker Hayes, Rascal Flatts, Ashley McBryde, Keith Urban and more! They Currently have Lady A’s single, “Champagne Night” and have recently landed a TBA major deal with one of their artists. 

Emily Dryburgh, Deluge Music Creative Director

Emily Dryburgh is the Creative Director and Nashville face of Deluge Music.  Her duties include managing and/or developing writers and artists between LA and Nashville, setting up collabs, tweaking and pitching songs, overseeing creative processes, and developing and maintaining relationships with other publishers, managers, labels, writers, producers, etc. in the Nashville music industry.  Prior to Deluge, Emily worked in artist management, handling “day to day” and development for Grammy, CMA and Tony award winning artists in the Country, Bluegrass and Gospel genres.

Danny Myrick, songwriter

Danny Myrick is a 3 time #1 Country songwriter and producer, and 6 time #1 Gospel and Contemporary Christian writer. With songs recorded by Tim Mcgraw, Jason Aldean, LoCash, Craig Morgan, Maddie and Tae, Trace Adkins, Big and Rich, Randy Houser and more.  Danny has Trace Adkins current single, “Just The Way We Do It.”

A little bit muddy water Mississippi preacher’s kid, a little bit California beach bum, Danny grew up playing, singing and writing for his family’s gospel band in south Mississippi and being consumed with 70’s FM radio. He achieved his first #1 gospel song as a songwriter at the age of 17 before moving to Nashville.  After landing several more #1 Gospel and Contemporary Christian hits, Danny re-focused his attention on founding and fronting country rock band, Western Flyer, with whom he made two albums and had several Top 40 singles, including What Will You Do With M-E and Cherokee Highway, which dealt strongly with racial division in the Deep South and led to Western Flyer being the first country artist invited to play the annual Martin Luther King Day in Atlanta. 

Following thousands of miles on the road with Western Flyer, Danny decided to stay home in Nashville, and ended up singing 100s of songwriter demos as well as adding background vocals to numerous albums by the likes of Blake Shelton, Montgomery Gentry and Keith Anderson before immersing himself in his love of songwriting.

Over his career, Danny has produced numerous artists, including The FARM and The Jane Dear Girls, and has written songs for a wide range of artists from Maddie & Tae to Joe Cocker, celebrating numerous hits, including Craig Morgan’s “International Harvester, Tim McGraw’s “Truck Yeah”, LoCash’s “I Love This Life”, as well as 2009’s most played country smash, “She’s Country” for Jason Aldean! 

Danny’s wide array of interests has led to appearances on MSNBC and CNN discussing political and religious topics affecting country music and southern culture.  He is currently working on several projects, including his own self-produced album, King Of Jones County;  and releasing remixes under his alter ego DJ DMaxx featuring social media sensation Leslie Jordan.  Danny currently writes for Deluge Music.  

As the old adage says, “You can’t play the game when you’re sitting on the bench.” Whether or not you win the co-write session or a song contract, you will have done the work of a songwriter by putting your song out there into the world. Good luck to all!

For more inspiration read the interview with our Fall 2020 Staff Writer for a Day:

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Pitching: It’s All About the Right Fit

Recently, we received an insightful observation in an email from SongU member, Bob Otting from Illinois, who wrote:

“I have a very, very limited number of songs that are pitch worthy – 6 max. Thus, I am sending the same songs out over and over to the same [pitch guests] on SongU and thinking, ‘These folks must hear that first note and scream ‘NOT AGAIN! WHY DO THEY KEEP SENDING ME THIS?!??” But then every once in a while I get a response: ‘Yes, Selected for this Meeting’, or a ‘Maybe’. It tells me I should keep pitching – its all about the right fit. Thanks for all you fine folks do at SongU!”

Bob’s insight is right on target. Industry pros like publishers, A&R reps, licensing agents, and recording artists listen to a lot of songs, and when listening, they often have a very narrow scope. So, they can frequently tell right away whether a given song may or may not work for a particular pitch. When you cast your song and pitch it again for a completely different project, the same set of ears listens differently. I’ve had songs turned down by an A&R person who two or three months later put the song on hold for another artist.

What does “pitch-worthy” mean? Bob adds an additional insight when he mentions his songs are “pitch-worthy,” meaning that he can objectively deem them competitive for the market place. How does he know this? He has taken the time to get feedback on his songs from mentors (that include hit songwriters, publishers, producers, and licensing agents) who have given him the thumbs-up. He probably has had to do some re-writing and tweaking to get them there, but once he got an okay, he knew his songs would be on a level playing field with the other songs being pitched in a professional arena.

Photo by Paulo Victor on

This Month’s Featured Pitches

Christmas/Holiday Songs. Pitch For Licensing Agent. Americana/Folk, Indie Pop, Jazz, Pop, Singer-Songwriter. Extended through August! Keep them coming! Holiday-themed songs needed now for film and advertising. Street Pitch guest, N.P., says productions are starting up for the holidays. Here’s what we need:
a. Cover songs of popular holiday songs and Christmas carols.
b. Original songs with great hooks, fun, upbeat, warm and positive…

Rose Falcon / Rodney Atkins. Pitch For Song PluggerAlternative, Americana, Singer Songwriter.  Street Pitch guest, J.N., veteran independent songplugger who has generated income for SongU members is looking for songs for Curb artists Rose Falcon and Rodney Atkins. Seeking solo songs for each as well as duets as per the following:
–Solo songs for Rose Falcon ala American singer-songwriter, Caitlyn Smith.
–Solo songs for Rodney Atkins with a Jason Isbell… Online songwriting courses, co-writing, pitching, connections

Learn More About Pitching at

Pitching at SongU is all online. Your songs go directly to our pitch guests. We’ve designed our Street pitch opportunities to connect members with several dedicated music publishers, song pluggers, and licensing agents looking for specific projects in order to mimic how almost every publishing company works. The truth is, unless you’re writing with the artist or producer, this is still a primary mode for “outside” songwriters to get a cut. It’s certainly better to have a plugger who can play the song for the A&R team, the producer, the manager and/or the artist rather than strictly have an A&R rep on who might not hear the song or have the final say in the decision making process. We also make direct connections to independent artists who are listening for their own projects. We’re really proud of our members when they have success with their writing, much like any teacher would be who sees their students successes.

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The Big Reveal! Staff Writer for a Day with WinSongs Music.

Recently, we invited Kirby Smith, Creative Director of WinSongs Music to the SongU virtual campus to get to know our writers. She listened to over 200 songs submitted throughout May and June and chose what she felt were the strongest of the bunch. That group of 22 songs became the list RISING STAR CONTENDERS. One final song rose to the top as the winner of “Staff Writer for the Day”. Congratulations to Kelly McKay with her brilliant song “Kiss the Hell Out of Me.” Kelly will be set up through WinSongs for a co-write session with hit songwriter, Sandy Ramos.

Because the primary goal of SongU is always to inform and educate, this week we had Kirby visit our e-classroom to find out about her work as a Creative Director (particularly in the time of Corona), as well as her listening process and what pros and cons factored into her choices for choosing the contenders, and finally to reveal her choice for Staff Writer for a Day! Thanks to Kirby for being so generous with her time, information and insights into the song selection and pitching process! Without further ado…

CONGRATULATIONS to the Top Contenders who all received the SongU “Rising Star Award”!

*Wes Bullock (4 songs)
*Elvira Cawthon (3 songs)
*Bill Gue (2 songs)
*Brenda Kornblum (2 songs)
*Brad McKinney
*David Nicastro (2 songs)
*Kenneth Riggins
*Becky Smith (2 songs)
*Dempsey Watson
*Rita Weyls

And to Kelly McKay (2 songs) from TN, SongU member since 2013, for winning the top spot of “Staff Writer for a Day” with WinSongs Music.

A round of applause to every one who submitted their songs to this challenge. As the maxim says, you can’t win the game if you’re sitting on the bench. Keep up the great work, everyone!

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Special Event Pitch: Staff Writer for a Day!

Between May 1st and June 30th 2020, is running a special event: Staff Writer for a Day.  This is an opportunity to pitch your songs for a chance to see what it would be like to be a staff songwriter which includes getting set up by our guest publisher for a CO-WRITE SESSION with a hit songwriter! 

If you aren’t sure what the term Staff Writer means, you’re not aloneWhen I moved to Nashville in the early 1990’s and got serious about my songwriting, many of my peers were hoping to become a full-time paid songwriter for a music publishing company (aka a staff writer). The concept was so strange to me that I had to wonder if I ever had the chance to be a staff writer, would I even like it? At the time, I questioned whether I would really enjoy writing songs on demand, on a timetable, with a quota, being “set up” on blind co-writing dates, writing to make the creative director at my publishing company happy, and asking their permission to demo songs.

After about four years of engrossing myself in the Music Row experience of constant writing, re-writing, networking, co-writing, over-coming performance fears, sheepishly meeting with ASCAP reps and music publishers who would listen to my songs, and politely or not-so-politely tell me that I wasn’t quite “there” yet, I built a strong catalog of songs. By then, the idea of being a professional songwriter had grown on me. One day, miraculously, I was hired by a little music publishing company called Zamalama Music as their first staff writer (cue the Rocky theme song).

It turned out that this job gave me valuable lessons in how to prepare myself mentally every morning to “show up and write” whether I was feeling creative or not. I made sure to arrive at those blind date co-writes with lots of potential titles and ideas to jump start our meetings. I learned to leave my ego at the door and do what was best for the song. Most importantly, I found an inner confidence that only comes when your songs have been rejected so many times, you can laugh and moooove on! Here’s a picture of the bay window of the Zamalama writers room on Music Row where I eventually co-penned a hit song!

Check out the staff writer experience for yourself:

A SPECIAL EVENT PITCH – STAFF WRITER FOR A DAY! This is your opportunity to be selected by Kirby Smith, Creative Director of WinSongs Music Publishing, for a chance to find out what it’s like to be a professional staff songwriter for a day, including a meeting with Kirby and a CO-WRITING SESSION with hit songwriter, Sandy Ramos! Read about our guests.

For details about how to submit your songs between May 1st – June 30th 2020 for a chance to win STAFF WRITER FOR A DAY! Go to the Pitching area of

2000 ASCAP Awards. Connie Bradley, Kacey Jones, Sharon Lane, me, 

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Pitching in the Time of Corona: A Dispatch From our Publishers

With all the transitions and changes going on these days, I asked the music publishers and song pluggers we work with regularly to give us an update on pitching in the time of Corona. Here’s what they said:

“Still pitching strong and I think our decision makers are more at their computers listening to songs than perhaps ever before.”

Jeffrey Nelson, Song Plugger

“Song pitching continues uninterrupted…The dynamics of pitching have, of course, changed recently in that social distancing has made in person pitch meetings, at least for the moment, not possible. I do however, continue to maintain communication with industry decision makers and continue to pitch them songs via links and mp3’s, much of which I already did anyway.”

Additionally worth noting, “This is the time of the year that acts who are going to record Christmas records are beginning to look for songs.”

Dallas Gregory, Publisher, Song Rocket Music

“There will be no personal one-on-one meetings but the selected songs will be sent to my contacts and they will be considered. Recording dates etc have been altered and moved to unspecified dates due to the coronavirus. Keep writing great songs and keep the faith.”

Bob Dellaposta, Publisher, My 3 Kids Music

“There has been a definite halt in some of the film / TV show productions. The music supervisors are emailing and saying that we have a couple weeks to send in songs rather than 24-48 hours. But there are lots of TV shows already in post production so we are continuing to get requests for songs. The ad agencies work a long time on a client’s branding so we are getting requests for those also.”

Nancy Peacock, Licensing Agent, Washington Street Music Publishing

Thanks to all these sincerely dedicated music professionals for keeping our songs out there and getting us placements and cuts!

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Dear SongU, Can We Talk About Pitch Submission Deadlines?

I’d like to share a SongU member inquiry that recently landed in my inbox: “Dear Songu, can we talk about extensions for deadlines on pitch submissions on songu? How do they occur? What kind of relationships do you have, that ever cause to allow this? What actually happens? Thank you kindly.” – J. (Vancouver, B.C. Canada)

Dear J.,

What a great question! Let me explain the process we use at To get the leads and submission deadlines for our Street Pitches, I communicate directly with several song pluggers, music publishers and licensing agents that are out there “on the street” making appointments with the artists, record labels, and such to find out who is looking for songs, what kinds of songs they want or need, and when they will be in the studio recording.

After you’ve been working in the industry for a while, you learn that most artists search for songs over a period of time from a couple of months to even a year or more. It is often a moving target as the artists  find songs they like, target songs they hope to find to fill out the album, or “change direction” from what they thought they originally wanted.

Based on the information our pitch guests relay to me each month, I post the Street pitch leads and submission deadlines. Then, a few days before the deadlines (which generally fall either mid-month or end of month), I send out an email asking if they want to extend any listings or send new ones. Here is an example of an email I received this week:

Good Morning Sara!

Sorry I’m just getting back to you.  Let’s keep Mark Wills and Chris Golden active through the end of May if that’s o.k. as they continue to be very engaged in receiving and listening to songs.  We can pull Hannah Dasher on the 15th, but I may re-list Hannah in a few weeks IF she is still looking for songs.  They’re assessing what they have at this time.  I’ll get with you later today with fresh pitch opps.

Have a wonderful day 🙂


Thanks for taking the time to check in with us and find out more. I hope this explanation helps clarify.

Best wishes,
Sara Light, Co-Founder & President

“Wherever you are, we bring the music industry to YOU”