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Goals for October 2016


“Starting a new way is never easy so…keep starting until the start sticks.” – Tim Fargo, Author

Jump in! A new month, a new beginovember-3-finalnning!  Big or small, it doesn’t matter what the goal is as long as we keep moving in the right direction. What are some of your plans and objectives for this month? Statistics show that writing down goals increases the odds of achieving them!

Join us in goal-setting this month and post yours in the comment area. 


Author: Sara Light

Sara Light has been writing professionally in Nashville since 1996. Her credits include the John Michael Montgomery title track and the hit single "Home To You" which received an ASCAP airplay award in addition to being named SESAC song of the year for having garnered 2 million spins on radio. She also composed songs for the musical "Urban Cowboy, The Musical" which opened on Broadway in March 2003 and was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Original Score." Sara has always combined her love of teaching with her love of songwriting and has given countless songwriting seminars throughout the U.S. and Canada. In 2001 she co-founded, along with her husband Danny Arena, the online educational website Besides being one of the main administrators (and now bloggers) Sara teaches Song Feedback and Lyric Writing at

7 thoughts on “Goals for October 2016

  1. For October, my goals are to visit the Soup Kitchen for a reality check re my song “Sacred Soup Kitchen”
    and record & send to the composer my melody for her song “Wake Up the World”
    and…maybe..record “Midnight Prayer” for YouTube
    Our schedule is crowded after our Retreat

  2. Nice goals for October.

  3. My October Goals
    1. Finish cowrite with Jamie
    2. Attend October NSAI meeting
    3. Cowrite with Neu’Raye
    4. Submit songs to pitching opps
    5. Work on topline idea for ST country track


  4. My goal for October is to do as many co-writes & pitches as possible! Already reached out to a co-writer for my blues song & getting my new country song ready for the pitch to Trick Pony. Feelin’ good about it.

  5. Sara, I LOVE your blog and all you are doing with Song U. YOU make me better! By the way… It is an honor to be a contender in the Special Event pitch to write with Trick Pony…..EEEEK So GRATEFUL… but I love your encouragement to EVERYONE for putting it out there, striving, pressing on… and just GOING for it! THANK YOU for everything!!!

  6. Donna, thank you so much for your kind words and support! Congratulations on the Special Event! We have so many talented writers participating, I don’t know how they are going to choose just one. I sure wouldn’t want to have to do it.

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