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GOLD STARS Report: Songs Recently Picked Up (latest update)


Hi Everyone,

Our summer Gold Stars Report is here! For those of you who are not familiar with, here’s how it works. Our members achieve success using a holistic approach focusing on education and numerous opportunities to reach their goals. These include online Song Feedback sessions, written Coaching evaluations, Private consultations/collaborations with our Music Publisher and Hit Songwriter Mentors, a Member-Website with a Cowriter search feature, and more. Our personalized approach gives every writer an opportunity to make each song as competitive as possible before spending money on a demo. Once their song is ready, we offer monthly Pitch opportunities with a GUARANTEED response from our Street pitch guests. And here are the results!

CONGRATULATIONS to the following members for having their songs signed or pitched for the following leads during the time period MAY 27th through AUGUST 12th 2021.

Pitch For Licensing Agent. .Top 40 Female Pop, Soul, Chillout-House, World Music AMURCO MUSIC LICENSING. Re-Opened for submissions! This is an UK-based licensing company with a catalogue of 70,000+ tracks, offering playlisting and syncing opportunities. They are currently interested in receiving submissions for the following types of music: Current Top 40 Pop (Female), Soul, Chillout/Chill House, and World. Here is a note to us from Joel at Amurco: “Our our deals …

    • Rachel Amidei “HOLDING OUT HOPE” (Date picked up: 7/9/2021)
    • Rachel Amidei “DIGGING” (Date picked up: 7/9/2021)
    • Robbi Atkins “GET IT DONE” (Date picked up: 7/9/2021)
    • Robbi Atkins “FABULOUS**” (Date picked up: 7/9/2021)
    • Robbi Atkins “DEAR BOY” (Date picked up: 8/9/2021)
    • David Chong “IT DOESN’T GET BETTER THAN THIS” (Date picked up: 7/9/2021)
    • Priscilla Connolly “CHRISTMAS WITH YOU “ (Date picked up: 7/9/2021)
    • Sally Edwards “I NEVER LIED” (Date picked up: 8/9/2021)
    • Sally Edwards “FASHIONISTA” (Date picked up: 8/9/2021)
    • Sally Edwards “CHANGING MY ECOLOGY” (Date picked up: 8/9/2021)
    • Shawn Fitzgerald “BLACK SATIN SHEETS” (Date picked up: 6/16/2021)
    • Beerand Flies “BITTER LOVE” (Date picked up: 7/9/2021)
    • Beerand Flies “SNOW ANGELS “ (Date picked up: 6/16/2021)
    • Beerand Flies “RIVERS FLOW” (Date picked up: 6/16/2021)
    • Beerand Flies “BIRDS” (Date picked up: 8/9/2021)
    • Beerand Flies “HIRAETH” (Date picked up: 8/9/2021)
    • Beerand Flies “LOVE RAT” (Date picked up: 8/9/2021)
    • Beerand Flies “I’M AWESOME!” (Date picked up: 8/9/2021)
    • Janet Herring “AND THEN I TURNED AROUND” (Date picked up: 7/9/2021)
    • Janet Herring “SHE’S A JEWEL” (Date picked up: 7/9/2021)
    • Janet Herring “I’VE BEEN TRYING TO REACH YOU” (Date picked up: 7/9/2021)
    • Kevin Kenney “BABY STEPS” (Date picked up: 8/9/2021)
    • James Laev “TALKING TO AN OLIVE” (Date picked up: 6/23/2021)
    • Bob Love “DIAMOND SOUL” (Date picked up: 6/23/2021)
    • Pete Papageorge “FUNDAMENTALLY BLUE” (Date picked up: 7/9/2021)
    • Stephen Peters “ANGRY AS HELL” (Date picked up: 8/9/2021)
    • Tina Rivera “IT’S ALL ABOUT ME” (Date picked up: 6/16/2021)
    • John Schutt “MORE LIKE THAT” (Date picked up: 7/9/2021)
    • Shaun Thomson “SEKAI HEIWA (WORLD PEACE)” (Date picked up: 8/9/2021)
    • David Will “DON’T DISMISS ME” (Date picked up: 6/23/2021)

Pitch For Publisher. Christian, Gospel. JASON CRABB. Extended! Still fully active. UPDATE: 7/1/21: “I spoke with Jason’s manager Philip the other day and he said what I’ve sent them is great, and they still continue to listen to songs, but nothing as definitive as a ‘hold’ has materialized. They’re asking me to send more songs, so I’m hoping something will ultimately stick.” Street Pitch guest, D.G., veteran music publisher, who has already generated income for SongU members is looking …

    • Rick Burge “HE SHOWED LOVE” (Date picked up: 7/27/2021)
    • Krystal Kuehn “THE LORDS PRAYER (THIS IS HOW WE PRAY) – KK” (Date picked up: 7/27/2021)
    • Abigail Marmion “PRAY YOU HOME” (Date picked up: 7/27/2021)
    • Abigail Marmion “TRUST YOUR OUTCOMES TO GOD “ (Date picked up: 6/22/2021)
    • James Oliver “LET GO LET GOD*” (Date picked up: 7/22/2021)
    • Ava Paige “WE CALL THE PRODIGALS HOME” (Date picked up: 7/22/2021)
    • Mitch Townley “NUMBERED (SDB)” (Date picked up: 7/22/2021)
    • Tery Wayne “SOMETIMES” (Date picked up: 7/27/2021)

Pitch For Song Plugger. Country. JULIA COLE. Extended! “Send me your A-list songs.” Street Pitch guest, J.N., veteran independent songplugger who has generated income for SongU members is looking for songs for independent artist Julia Cole. Julia has had over 20,000,000 streams and has been featured on CMT, Audience Network, The CW, Radio Disney and others. Seeking songs in the Florida-Georgia Line musical style (and perhaps lyrical direction of subjects they’ve covered), but that …

    • Noel Cohen “WHO IS THIS GIRL?” (Date picked up: 6/9/2021)

Pitch For Licensing Agent. Adult Contemporary, Singer Songwriter, Indie. ROMANTIC BACKGROUND MUSIC For CBS TV Sitcom. Extended! Pitch guest, N.P., is seeking two types of VOCAL songs for season 2 of this charming show:
1. Soft Pop style songs that have a romantic feel. Think warm and honest (not cheesy) current adult contemporary/soft pop that could be playing in a restaurant. Nothing too electronic, rocking or distracting as it is laying under dialogue.
2. Acoustic Indie Singer-Songwriter songs that have …

    • John Cirillo “STARS DON’T LIE” (Date picked up: 6/3/2021)

Pitch For Publisher. Country. TENILLE ARTS. Deadline approaching. They’re in the studio reviewing what they have. Will still be listening briefly for the undeniable hit that might beat what they already have. Street Pitch guest, D.G., veteran music publisher, who has already generated income for SongU members, is looking for songs for Reviver Records artist Tenille Arts. Looking for radio friendly songs, specifically up tempo, or the right mid-tempo that fits the project. Need …

    • Alexsi Mallory “GIRL HEART” (Date picked up: 6/8/2021)

Pitch For Publisher. Country. JOE NICHOLS. Street Pitch guest and publisher, Bob D., who has already generated income for members is looking for songs for the first album in three years from Quartz Hill Records and multi-platinum selling artist Joe Nichols. Looking for radio-friendly Country HITS. All tempos. His newest release this month is “Home Run” at . For the latest news on Nichols visit: and follow …

    • Ricki Bellos “BLUE SKY RAIN” (Date picked up: 7/5/2021)
    • John Cirillo “DRIVE SLOW” (Date picked up: 7/5/2021)
    • Jamie Trent “AIRPORT MARGARITAS” (Date picked up: 7/5/2021)

Pitch For Publisher. Country. Troy Cartwright. Street Pitch guest and publisher, Bob D., who has already generated income for members is looking for songs for Warner Music Nashville artist Troy Cartwright. Looking for Country RADIO songs and VULNERABLE songs. Research artist before pitching . This pitch will stay open on an ongoing basis until artist is no longer seeking outside songs. Pitch follow-up info: If this guest expresses …

    • Avrim Topel “LOVE YOU LIKE THAT” (Date picked up: 7/14/2021)

Pitch For Licensing Agent. Film/TV/Media. LULLABIES FOR PSYCHO KILLER TV SERIES. Street pitch guest, N.P., needs original lullabies and public domain covers that will sound ironic/paradoxical to scary, tense, stalker scenes that lead to murder. Think sweet childlike lyrics with simple/sparse production that lull the listener into a false sense of security. Songs with slightly sinister/dark undertones or instrumentation can work as well. Ballads and midtempos. Male or female vocals. GENRES: …

    • Beerand Flies “LULLABY FOR A KILLER “ (Date picked up: 6/10/2021)

Pitch For Publisher. Country. EDDIE MONTGOMERY. Back on the board. Still looking! Street Pitch guest and publisher, Bob D., who has already generated income for members is looking for songs for Average Joe Entertainment Group artist Eddie Montgomery. Looking for rowdy, rough, up-tempo Country radio hits Ala Montgomery/Gentry. Pitch follow-up info: If this guest expresses interest in your song, before pitching it, they will ask for publishing if a major recording results …

    • Jonny Born “RAIN AND RUST” (Date picked up: 7/25/2021)
    • Ronald Brown “YOU’LL BELIEVE IN THE RIDE” (Date picked up: 7/25/2021)
    • D Toomey “DRINK IT IN” (Date picked up: 7/16/2021)
    • Thomas White “SHOOT MY TRUCK” (Date picked up: 7/25/2021)

Pitch For Publisher. Country, Pop. MACY MARTIN. Street Pitch guest and publisher, Bob D., who has already generated income for members is looking for songs for label-shopping artist Macy Martin. Looking for YOUTHFUL POP CROSSOVER songs. Think Disney. Speaking to girls and her generation. For artist sound watch this video: . Pitch follow-up info: If this guest expresses interest in your song, before pitching it, they will ask for …

    • Adam Avery “DOING THAT” (Date picked up: 7/25/2021)
    • John Cirillo “GOOD MORNING MIDNIGHT” (Date picked up: 7/25/2021)
    • John Cirillo “LOST AMEN- FEMALE” (Date picked up: 7/25/2021)

Pitch For Manager. Holiday Themed. BRIANA DOMENICA. UPDATE, SongU mentor Dallas Gregory manages this artist. “Keep songs coming. I’m planning to meet with her in person mid-July.” Looking for a Christmas single to be recorded late summer/early fall for release in November. She will also be filming a video of this single for release, which will coincide with the single release. Briana is a CCM artist, so nothing risqué or off-color will be considered. “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause” …

    • Robbi Atkins “LITTLE SIMPLE CHRISTMAS THINGS (V4)” (Date picked up: 7/7/2021)
    • Steve Bryant “A MAGIC CHRISTMAS EVE” (Date picked up: 7/7/2021)
    • John Cirillo “THE SOUND OF CHRISTMAS” (Date picked up: 7/7/2021)
    • John Cirillo “TINSELTOWN” (Date picked up: 7/29/2021)
    • Bill Gue “HALLELUJAH (GLORY TO GOD)” (Date picked up: 7/29/2021)
    • Bill Gue “THE GREATEST GIFT” (Date picked up: 7/29/2021)
    • Sarah Motes ashley “I HEARD THE BELLS / BE STILL” (Date picked up: 7/7/2021)
    • Daniel Obrien “NOEL D’AMOUR” (Date picked up: 7/29/2021)
    • Bill Ohanlon “ONE CHILD” (Date picked up: 7/7/2021)
    • Jeff Roe “LIGHTS” (Date picked up: 7/29/2021)
    • Melanie Smith “MARY, JOSEPH AND JESUS” (Date picked up: 6/29/2021)
    • Perry Walp “HEAVEN’S LIGHT “ (Date picked up: 6/29/2021)

Pitch For Licensing Agent. Pop, Rock, Indie. PROMOS FOR DISNEY+ SHOWS. Street Pitch guest, N.P. is Looking for two types of songs for these (see below references). The theme is: You can come to Disney+ for your favorites, but also new original content. The vibe/tone is: awestruck/wonder. Songs are aimed at ADULTS – sophisticated, and modern. Excellent productions. Male or female vocals. Specifics:
1. Fun, Wondrous, Adventurous. Think Misterwives – “The End”, Florence + The Machine – …

    • Isobel Greenhalgh “BEAUTIFUL WORLD” (Date picked up: 6/30/2021)

Pitch For Publisher. Traditional Country. DAN SMALLEY. Street Pitch guest and publisher, Bob D., who has already generated income for members is looking for songs for Big Machine Label Group artist Dan Smalley who is being produced by veteran Keith Stegall (Alan Jackson, Zac Brown Band). Looking for traditional Country HITS ala Chris Stapleton. Pitch follow-up info: If this guest expresses interest in your song, before pitching it, they will ask for publishing if a major recording …

    • John Cirillo “LOST AMEN” (Date picked up: 7/9/2021)
    • Patrick Mcwilliams “LET IT BURN” (Date picked up: 7/9/2021)
    • D Toomey “HOLDIN’ OUT FOR HEAVEN” (Date picked up: 7/9/2021)

Pitch For Music Supervisor. Pop, Rock. BACKGROUND & SOURCE MUSIC FOR CABLE NETWORK SERIES. Pitch guest, N.P., is seeking two types of We need 2 types of songs here:
1. Pop in the style of Ava Max, Camila Cabella, Zayn, Harry Styles, etc.
2. Pop/Rock songs – Think upbeat and fun everything from produced pop to songs with organic instrumentation. Lyrics are not important, as long as the tone is upbeat and modern. A la Olivia Rodrigo, American Authors, “Fitz & The Tantrums “Head …

    • Beerand Flies “LOVE RAT” (Date picked up: 7/13/2021)

A special shout-out to those you whose songs are on the report for the very first time! And a round of applause to those whose songs were marked ‘Maybe’ too. Keep up the great work, everyone!

Author: Sara Light

Sara Light has been writing professionally in Nashville since 1996. Her credits include the John Michael Montgomery title track and the hit single "Home To You" which received an ASCAP airplay award in addition to being named SESAC song of the year for having garnered 2 million spins on radio. She also composed songs for the musical "Urban Cowboy, The Musical" which opened on Broadway in March 2003 and was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Original Score." Sara has always combined her love of teaching with her love of songwriting and has given countless songwriting seminars throughout the U.S. and Canada. In 2001 she co-founded, along with her husband Danny Arena, the online educational website Besides being one of the main administrators (and now bloggers) Sara teaches Song Feedback and Lyric Writing at

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  1. I got picked up last week by Amurco who is interested in “Britany’s Lullaby” for their catalog. This was from a pitch opportunity posted on SongU.

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