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GOLD STARS Report: Songs Recently Picked Up (latest update)


At, our members achieve success through a holistic approach that focuses on education. We work directly with the songwriters to make each song as competitive as possible before spending money on a demo. We do this by offering numerous opportunities to reach their goals, including online Song Feedback sessions, written Coaching evaluations, Private consultations/collaborations with our Music Publisher and Hit Songwriter Mentors, a member-website cowriter search feature, and more. Finally, we offer monthly Pitch opportunities with a guaranteed response from our Street pitch guests.

CONGRATULATIONS to the following members for having their songs signed or pitched for the following leads during the time period February 11th – March 10th, 2021.

Pitch For Licensing Agent. Film/TV/Media.’s own publisher guru, Bob Dellaposta, is looking for some very specific material from some of our more “mature” members: 60’s/70’s MASTERS for his My Three Kids Music Library. Seeking AUTHENTIC 1960’s and 1970’s songs for 50/50 non-exclusive licensing to movies, television and commercials. Any genre, male or female, instrumentals, old school Memphis R&B, 60’s rock and roll, Latin, jazz, etc. Male or female or groups, with horns or without, …

    • Swagata Banerjee “O SUNDORI, AAMAAR” (Date picked up: 2/28/2021)
    • D Toomey “LUCKY ME” (Date picked up: 2/28/2021)
    • John Welch “AIN’T WAITING FOR THE SUMMER” (Date picked up: 2/28/2021)

Pitch For Other. Country. Re-Opened. Several of our members have gotten airplay through this listing. This is an opportunity from our friends at Liva Music Switzerland to get airplay on international radio stations. Liva is connected to over 450 Country stations in Europe, 80 Country stations in Australia, and also about 200 stations in the USA. They have very specific song submission guidelines, so read ENTIRE description before submitting:

– Seeking REAL Country …

    • Terry Smith “OL’ BILLFOLD” (Date picked up: 2/19/2021)
    • Terry Smith “OZARK RAIL” (Date picked up: 2/19/2021)

Pitch For Producer. Country. 3/10/2021: Feedback on submissions from contact, Denis Quilligan: –Looking for hit songs and I personally listen to every song that’s submitted. He says that the quality of submissions must be higher, many are not up to the standard he hears from Nashville independent writers. He said also to remind you that “we have been in the middle of a pandemic and we have not needed songs nearly as much as normal.” — Now, back to the listing…Jersey Shore …

    • Donna Aylor “TIE ME DOWN- WAKE’S VERSION “ (Date picked up: 3/9/2021)

Pitch For Licensing Agent. .Top 40 Female Pop, Soul, Chillout-House, World Music AMURCO MUSIC LICENSING. Re-Opened for submissions! This is an UK-based licensing company with a catalogue of 70,000+ tracks, offering playlisting and syncing opportunities. They are currently interested in receiving submissions for the following types of music: Current Top 40 Pop (Female), Soul, Chillout/Chill House, and World. Here is a note to us from Joel at Amurco: “Our our deals …

    • Swagata Banerjee “CHUPI CHUPI” (Date picked up: 2/16/2021)
    • Swagata Banerjee “TUMI BHORER PAAKHI (FEMALE)” (Date picked up: 2/16/2021)
    • Swagata Banerjee “CHUPI CHUPI BHALOBASA (2020 REMASTERED VERSION)” (Date picked up: 2/16/2021)
    • Louis Cate “DOWN 4 WHATEVER” (Date picked up: 2/16/2021)
    • Louis Cate “WILD GYPSY SOUL” (Date picked up: 2/16/2021)
    • John Cirillo “BITTER SWEET HEART” (Date picked up: 2/16/2021)
    • John Cirillo “GOOD MORNING MIDNIGHT” (Date picked up: 2/16/2021)
    • John Cirillo “COMEBACK KIDS” (Date picked up: 2/16/2021)
    • Isobel Greenhalgh “LIGHT” (Date picked up: 2/16/2021)
    • Monisha devi Mohanlal “CAN’T BREATHE” (Date picked up: 2/16/2021)
    • Monisha devi Mohanlal “WAR OF TWO” (Date picked up: 2/16/2021)
    • Monisha devi Mohanlal “WITH YOU” (Date picked up: 2/16/2021)
    • James Oliver “BETWEEN YOU AND ME” (Date picked up: 2/16/2021)
    • James Oliver “IT’S OUT OF MY HANDS” (Date picked up: 2/16/2021)
    • James Oliver “I’D LOVE ME TOO” (Date picked up: 2/16/2021)
    • Michelle Robison “COME UP FOR AIR” (Date picked up: 2/16/2021)
    • Pat Travers “DON’T GIVE UP” (Date picked up: 2/16/2021)
    • Tiago Videira “BE THE STORM” (Date picked up: 2/16/2021)

Pitch For Publisher. Country. NATE BARNES. Extended! Street Pitch guest, D.G., veteran music publisher, who has already generated income for SongU members, is looking for songs for SONY/Quartz Hill Records artist Nate Barnes. Looking for songs – any tempo that are organic, and a blend of Luke Combs meets Blake Shelton. Barnes writes and sings about faith and family, work and heartache, love and the simple joys of life. Especially needing songs that the ladies will like, radio …

    • Ben Krahne “GOING TO EXTREMES “ (Date picked up: 3/4/2021)

Pitch For Song Plugger. Christian Contemporary (CCM), Inspirational. LAUREN DAIGLE. Street Pitch guest, J.N., veteran independent songplugger who has generated income for SongU members is looking for songs for Centricity artist Lauren Daigle. Seeking inspirational/CCM or Christian Country songs that could possibly be pitched for a duet with Dolly Parton. Think Dolly’s “There Was Jesus” for direction. PITCH FOLLOW-UP: If this guest expresses interest in your song they will pitch it with the understanding that you …

    • Cari lynn York “I’VE GOT THIS FRIEND PIANO / VOCAL” (Date picked up: 2/12/2021)
    • Cari lynn York “I’VE GOT THIS FRIEND *****” (Date picked up: 2/12/2021)

Pitch For Licensing Agent. . EMOTIONAL ACOUSTIC SONGS FOR TV & ADVERTISING. Pitch guest, N.P., is seeking simple, stripped down songs for several TV shows. Think Subaru commercials AND the soundtrack to the show “This Is Us”. In the style of Iron & Wine, Goldspot, Cat Stevens, Paul Simon, Sufjan Stevens, etc. Male or female vocals OK.
Songwriters, important: SONGS SUBMITTED HAVE TO BE CLEARED FOR SYNC LICENSING as per the following guidelines (no exceptions):
– …

    • John Cirillo “KEEP ME IN THE DARK” (Date picked up: 3/3/2021)

Pitch For Licensing Agent. Pop, Rock, Singer Songwriter, Soul, Alternative. SONGS OF BETRAYAL FOR NETWORK TV SHOW. Pitch guest, N.P., is currently looking for songs for a CW series about betrayal, lying, breaking a trust; a spurned lover’s torch song for the series. Could sound vintage/retro or modern in the styles of Bon Jovi “You Give Love A Bad Name”, “Bang Bang” My Baby Shot Me Down to Beyonce ft Jack White “Don’t Hurt Yourself”, Justin Timberlake “Cry Me A River”, Madison Beer “Selfish”, etc. Genres: Pop, Rock, Alternative, …

    • John Cirillo “PRETTIER” (Date picked up: 3/3/2021)
    • John Cirillo “HURRICANE AFTER YOU” (Date picked up: 3/3/2021)
    • John Cirillo “HONESTLY” (Date picked up: 3/3/2021)

Pitch For Publisher. Contemporary Country, Pop. RICHARD SCHRODER. Street Pitch guest and publisher, Bob D., who has already generated income for members is looking for songs for Amplifier Records Nashville artist, Richard Schroder who is being produced by multi-#1 producer, Matt McClure. Looking for current sounding UPTEMPO Country Pop songs with big choruses ala Brett Eldridge’s “Beat of the Music”, Blake Shelton’s “Honey Bee”, Tim McGraw’s “Humble And Kind”; ‘Four on the floor’ beat; …

    • Jonny Born “MAN, THESE DAYS” (Date picked up: 2/22/2021)
    • Loralei Ells “ON SATURDAY” (Date picked up: 2/18/2021)
    • Ray Govero “TROUBLE WITH CURVES” (Date picked up: 2/18/2021)
    • Ben Krahne “WANTING LESS” (Date picked up: 2/22/2021)
    • Brad Mckinney “I’M ON IT” (Date picked up: 2/18/2021)
    • Avrim Topel “MUST BE LOVE” (Date picked up: 2/18/2021)
    • Ed Williams “SHE LOVES GALVESTON “ (Date picked up: 2/27/2021)

Pitch For Publisher. Country. AMY SCRUGGS. Extended! Still Listening. Note: Feedback from Artist’s team is that the songs we pitched are too “young” for her. Need meatier lyrics. Street Pitch guest and publisher, Bob D., who has already generated income for members is looking for songs for artist, Amy Scruggs, being produced by hit maker, Fred Mollin. Need 3 more up-tempo songs ala Jo Dee Messina meets Brad Paisley, playful, California-Country, fun Girl-Power, ‘Just …

    • Paul Jarvis “SOMETHING TO PROVE” (Date picked up: 3/8/2021)
    • Ed Williams “IT’S WORKIN’ – DEMO” (Date picked up: 2/15/2021)

Pitch For Publisher. .Pop and Country VIXEN and-or BRIAN GIFFEN. Street Pitch guest and publisher, Bob D., who has already generated income for members is looking for great songs for two artists, Vixen and Brian Giffen, both on the CT Entertainment Label in Ireland. The label head Cecil Thompson emailed Bob, “We are looking for Zara Larrson and Dua Lipa type songs for Vixen but maybe a good uptempo Country song for the them and Brian Giffen. Don’t know …

    • Jerry Blackburn “LOOSE CHANGE” (Date picked up: 2/22/2021)
    • Jonny Born “CRAVE ME” (Date picked up: 2/22/2021)
    • Jonny Born “MY COUNTRY GIRL – DEMO” (Date picked up: 2/22/2021)
    • Jonny Born “WARNING ON A WHISKEY BOTTLE” (Date picked up: 2/22/2021)
    • John Cirillo “A LITTLE MORE FREEDOM” (Date picked up: 2/22/2021)
    • Ben Krahne “YOUR HEART HASN’T FALLEN YET” (Date picked up: 2/22/2021)
    • Rick Lane “BRING IT ON” (Date picked up: 2/22/2021)
    • David Nicastro “SHE’S GOT TO” (Date picked up: 2/22/2021)
    • Bill Ohanlon “CHANGED ME (MALE)” (Date picked up: 2/22/2021)
    • Ava Paige “RIGHT SIDE OF WRONG” (Date picked up: 2/22/2021)
    • Rita Weyls “DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH” (Date picked up: 2/22/2021)
    • Rita Weyls “VOWS….DUET “ (Date picked up: 2/28/2021)

Pitch For Publisher. Christian, Gospel. JASON CRABB. Extended! Still looking. Street Pitch guest, D.G., veteran music publisher, who has already generated income for SongU members, is looking for songs for the insanely talented, Grammy award winning Christian artist on Red Street Records, Jason Crabb. Jason has earned 21 GMA Dove Awards including Male Vocalist and Artist Of The Year. Jason’s roots are in Southern Gospel but he can sing virtually any genre of Christian music. Song submissions …

    • Matthew Soileau “YOU MOVED ME” (Date picked up: 3/9/2021)
    • Claire Ulanoff “OUT OF LOVE” (Date picked up: 2/16/2021)
    • Brad Yunek “THE COLORS AND THE CROSS” (Date picked up: 2/16/2021)
    • Brad Yunek “KEEP KEEPIN’ ON” (Date picked up: 2/16/2021)

Pitch For Publisher. Country. MaRYNN TAYLOR. Extended! Still looking. Street Pitch guest, D.G., veteran music publisher, who has already generated income for SongU members, is looking for songs for Black River Entertainment artist MaRynn Taylor. Listening for 90’s style, young female country songs. No drinking, cheating, nothing vindictive. Early Trisha Yearwood meets Stevie Nix and the Dixie Chicks is the lane you’ll want to be in with your song pitches. You can listen to MaRynn …

    • John Cirillo “MAKING IT UP AS WE GO” (Date picked up: 3/4/2021)

Pitch For Licensing Agent. .New Ongoing! Music Publisher and SongU Mentor, Bob Dellaposta, is working with a mechanical licensing company who is looking for male and female vocal songs in ANY genre or language that have the instrumental track available for indie artists to license on a non-exclusive basis. The licensing fees range from $6.95 to upwards of $200.00 or more. If your song is licensed Bob will send you 50% of his share of the mechanical license fee. You …

    • Louis Cate “UNDER EVERY FROZEN HEART” (Date picked up: 2/28/2021)
    • Priscilla Connolly “MY ROCK” (Date picked up: 2/19/2021)
    • Shawn Fitzgerald “I CAN’T STOP LOVING YOU (SEXY)” (Date picked up: 2/19/2021)
    • Robert Otting “FIRST RIDE_ MASTERED” (Date picked up: 2/19/2021)
    • Jim Purtell “WALK AWAY FREE” (Date picked up: 2/19/2021)
    • D Toomey “I AIN’T CRAZY (BUT MY DADDY IS)” (Date picked up: 2/19/2021)
    • Ken Wank “AIN’T GONNA WAIT FOR YOU FOREVER” (Date picked up: 2/19/2021)
    • Cari lynn York “MAKE SOMEBODY SMILE FINAL MIX” (Date picked up: 2/19/2021)
    • Cari lynn York “DREAM ME BACK TO HAWAII FINAL MIX” (Date picked up: 2/19/2021)

And a round of congrats to those marked ‘Maybe’ too. Keep up the great work, everyone!

Author: Sara Light

Sara Light has been writing professionally in Nashville since 1996. Her credits include the John Michael Montgomery title track and the hit single "Home To You" which received an ASCAP airplay award in addition to being named SESAC song of the year for having garnered 2 million spins on radio. She also composed songs for the musical "Urban Cowboy, The Musical" which opened on Broadway in March 2003 and was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Original Score." Sara has always combined her love of teaching with her love of songwriting and has given countless songwriting seminars throughout the U.S. and Canada. In 2001 she co-founded, along with her husband Danny Arena, the online educational website Besides being one of the main administrators (and now bloggers) Sara teaches Song Feedback and Lyric Writing at

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  1. I got picked up last week by Amurco who is interested in “Britany’s Lullaby” for their catalog. This was from a pitch opportunity posted on SongU.

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